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Onn TWS Noodle Manual

Onn. Wireless Earphones Quick Start Guide

Onn TWS Noodle Earbuds Manual / Onn TWS Noodle Instructions

Onn TWS Noodle Package

Check to make sure you have everything below

What’s in the Box?

  1. Earphones x 1 pair
  2. Charging case x1
  3. USB A-C x1
  4. Quick Start Guide x1

Onn Earbuds Manual

Onn TWS Noodle Pairing

Onn TWS Noodle Getting Start

Onn Earbuds Pairing

  • Step 1:
    Put earphones into the charging case and close the lid for initial activation.
  • Step 2
    Open charging case lid to auto power-on and auto TWS pair.
  • Step 3:
    Connect to your device through Bluetooth wireless technology, search for the entry
  • Onn TWS Noodle
  • If all success, Onn TWS Noodle Pairing complete!

Pairing mode

If you want to pair with another device, please turn off Bluetooth from your last paired device if it is nearby, then open the charging case lid for pairing, it takes about 12 seconds to enter AG pairing.

Onn TWS Noodle mono mode

Onn TWS Noodle Power On

  • Open the charging case lid, earbuds will auto-power on and connect to the last paired device

Onn TWS Noodle Power Off

  • Place earbuds back into the charging case and close the lid, earbuds will charge and disconnect the paired device, after fully charged, earbuds will power off

Onn TWS Noodle Power On / Off Manually

Press&Hold for 5 seconds, earbuds will be manually Power on/Power off (If you are carrying earbuds without a charging case)

Onn TWS Noodle Reset

  • Reset button
    When opening the case lid and long press onn CE2128B Wireless Earphones User Guide, re-set the button for 10 seconds, it can clean pairing records.

one side not working

left earbuds not working

right earphones not working

Onn TWS Noodle Specs

  1. Model: AAWHT100069415
  2. Speaker Diameter: 013mm
  3. Charging Cable: USB A-C 254mm(minimum)
  4. 22 hours of total playtime(with charging case)
  5. IPX4 waterproof rating for earphones, not for charging case
  6. Both earphones will auto-pausing when you remove them from your ears. When you place earphones back into your ears, the music will auto-play.

Onn TWS Noodle Controls

  • Play /Pause : x2 Press
  • (Incoming call : Answer/Hangup)
  • Incoming call / Reject : Press for 1.5 sec (Left side or Right side)
  • Siri / Voice Assistant: x3 Press
  • Previous Track(Left side) : Press & Hold for 1.5 sec
  • Next Track(Right side) : Press & Hold for 1.5 sec

Onn TWS Noodle Volume Control

Onn TWS Noodle App

Onn TWS Noodle Charging

Charge Your Earphones

  • Earphones charging
  • Charging:charge case red light breath 1.5s,blue light breath 1.5s ,then light off
  • (red light means L,blue right means R)
  • Case charging

About 2 hours
Use Charging cable
Charging:Red LED light is on (5V 0.5A)
Fully charged:Blue LED light is on

Onn TWS Noodle case

Onn TWS Noodle noise cancelling

Onn TWS Noodle FCC Statement

Onn TWS Earphones Manual